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Bhola Singh

Founder & CEO, Mana & Kias Infrastructures LTD.

Pushkar Singh

Promoter, Mana & Kias Infrastructures LTD.

Tanya Singh

Promoter, Mana & Kias Infrastructures LTD.

Niraj Kumar

Director, Mana & Kias Infrastructures LTD.

Niraj Kumar, a 2006 B. Tech Civil Engineering graduate from IIT Kanpur, boasts a distinguished academic record and active participation in Student’s Gymkhana activities. He joined M P Construction Co. early on and plays a pivotal role in its operations, overseeing project planning, monitoring, procurement, client relations, business development, and statutory compliance. Prior to this, he contributed to the successful execution of diverse infrastructure projects nationwide, including solar, hydel, and thermal power projects, rail coach manufacturing structures, drainage systems, sewage networks, and multi-story parking buildings.

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Arvind Pandey

HeadMetro Projects, Mana & Kias Infrastructures LTD. 

Arvind Pandey, a Civil Engineering Professional with a B.Tech degree from IIT Kanpur, boasts 15+ years of experience in construction project management. Currently overseeing Metro Projects, he excels in resource utilization, execution methodology, planning, and client coordination for timely project delivery. Past achievements include managing projects such as Rapid Metro in Gurgaon, Delhi Metro’s Green Line, DFCC Project, and others, showcasing his expertise in project management and execution. With a strong track record and technical proficiency, Arvind Pandey stands as a seasoned professional in Civil Engineering and project management.

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Mr. Ravi Sahay

Chief Consultant – Projects

Mr. Ravi Sahay holds a wealth of experience in civil engineering, spanning over three decades. As a Chief General Manager/Civil at the Corporate Office, based in New Delhi, they oversee the coordination of the “High-Speed Rail Project (Pkg.: T-2)” from Vapi to Vadodara, Gujarat, integrating Shinkansen Technology for ballastless track work.

Previously, as Project Head, they spearheaded the construction of the “Indo-Nepal Cross Border Rail Line Project,” fostering collaboration between India and Nepal. This venture culminated in the inauguration of the passenger train service between the two nations.

Their career includes notable contributions such as managing the construction of ballastless track work for the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation and overseeing highway projects for the improvement of state highways in Bihar.

With a track record of successful project completion and a knack for effective team leadership, Mr. Ravi Sahay brings invaluable expertise to every endeavor.

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Mr. K. Rajakumar

Sr. General Manager for Metro/Railway Projects 

Mr. K. Rajakumar, a seasoned civil engineer with over 40 years of experience, serves as our Sr. General Manager for Metro/Railway Projects. He holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from JC College of Technology, Mysore (1991-1993), and a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University (1986-1989).

Throughout his career, Mr. K. Rajakumar has held key roles in Indian Railways, including Deputy Chief Engineer, Senior Divisional Engineer, and Divisional Engineer. His expertise spans project planning, construction, maintenance, and coordination. Notably, he led South India Projects with exemplary leadership and contributed significantly to various organizations and projects.

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Samson Vijayakumar

Chief Quality and Safety Metro/Railway Projects

Samson Vijayakumar [IRSE] boasts 38 years of experience in Indian Railways. His track record includes completing projects ahead of schedule with innovative solutions. Holding key roles like Chief Engineer, Executive Engineer, and Assistant Divisional Engineer, Samson has made significant contributions to railway infrastructure. He excels in handling complex projects efficiently and finding ingenious solutions, making him a standout professional in the industry.

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Mr. Vallabhajosyula Anjaneya Kumar

Head Tendering and Contract Divison.

V.A. Kumar is a highly experienced Civil Engineer with 39+ years of expertise in Railway, Power Civil, and Allied Infra Projects. Currently leading the Tendering and Contract division, Kumar holds an MBA in Construction Management and a Civil Engineering degree. He has served as a Consultant and in roles like Project Manager and DGM for projects like BINA-KOTA railway doubling. His responsibilities have ranged from piling and bridgework to billing and quality control.

His career highlights include significant projects such as rail connectivity to power plants, water supply augmentation, and thermal power plant construction. Kumar has demonstrated proficiency in planning, monitoring, executing, auditing, and billing for large-scale projects. With experience in organizations like Indian Railway, KSK Group, Navayuga Engineering Company Limited, and Adani Group, Kumar’s expertise extends to managing railway projects, bridge construction, water supply systems, and coordinating diverse construction activities.

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Mr. R Selvaraj

Construction HeadCMRL Project 

Mr. R Selvaraj completed his M.Tech (Transportation Engineering) and Civil Engineering from Madurai Kamaraj University

He is a key contributor to Metro Project Execution and possesses a profound understanding of Metro’s/ Railway’s operations. He is currently heading Project Execution for the Chennai Metro Project. With extensive expertise in Railway Construction, Quality Management, and Railway project interfacing, he has effectively managed a range of projects. He has worked with Port Rail & Ropeway Corporation Limited for the Upgradation and Modification Track in Port

His distinguished career spanning over 38 years with Indian Railways (1983-2018). Mr Selvaraj’s achievements as Executive Engineer (Construction) in Indian Railways and prior roles encompass the successful execution of projects like gauge conversions, doubling work, new line construction, and major yard remodeling. His experience extends to roles such as Joint General Manager/Deputy General Manager/Executive Engineer, focusing on project execution, quality monitoring, and close collaboration with departments like Signalling, Telecommunication, and Electrification. Mr. Selvaraj’s extensive experience in Railway Track works is underscored by his proficiency in Project Monitoring, Project Coordination, and Project Quality Control & Assurance

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